10 Health Benefits of Drinking More Water

drinking-more-waterWater is an important component of life and every living creature that we know of today survives on water. According to H.H. Mitchel in the Journal of biological chemistry, the body of an average adult is composed of 60% water; our brain is 73% water and our lungs are 83% water. Even the bones of our body are composed of 31%.

Drinking water is necessary for us and we should drink plenty of water every day to keep our body properly hydrated.

Here are the top 10 benefits of drinking more water and keeping our body hydrated.

Water Maximizes Your Physical Performance

physically-fit-manOne of the main cause of suffering from the physical performance is insufficient drinking of water. Most of the people usually drink water only when they feel thirsty. It should be noted that in the thirsty situation, our body requires more water than we can usually drink. So it is better to drink water in regular interval even when you are not thirsty. It will help you stay active during intense exercise and high-temperature day.

It has been found that, if the body loses more than 2% water than the normal level its effects become noticeable which includes fatigue. When you drink more water than usual the body’s water level reaches its optimum level. Which results in a reduction of fatigue and stress.

Drinking More Water Prevents Headaches

headacheThe common signs of dehydration of the body are headache and fatigue. Many studies suggest, those who drink less water usually have complain about regular headaches. But these headaches also depends on the type of the headache and mental condition of a person other than dehydration.

So next time when you feel a headache try to drink plenty of water and see if it helps then you should contact the doctors.

Proper Hydration Improves Energy Level and Brain Functions

productivityAccording to the Journal of biological chemistry, the brain of an adult person is composed of 73% water. Which makes the brain get affected by a slight reduction in hydration level. In a study on an adult woman, when she lost only 2% body water during the exercise, it affected many her brain functioning along with fatigue.

Hydrating properly requires regular drinking of water which results in improved brain functioning. When the brain functioning improves you will feel motivated, enhanced mood, better memory, and energetic.

Drinking More Water Helps in Relieving Constipation

person-in-toilet-paperConstipation has become one of the common problems faced by many people regularly. Constipation is the difficulty in excretion of feces that is mostly caused by increased absorption of water from the food while moving through the digestive tract. The reason that our digestive tract absorbs more water from feces is due to dehydration in the body. If a person drinks plenty of water its feces will not become dry and the feces will excrete more easily.

Chances of Kidney Stones are Decreased

kidney-stonesA kidney stone is a lump of minerals that can form in any part of the urinary system including kidneys. The reason for the stone formation is the accumulation of minerals in the urinary system that gets stuck there, eventually becoming a stone.

There are various reason for kidney stones and drinking less water is also one of the reasons. To decrease the chances of kidney stone, more water should be consumed at regular intervals. Because more water intake increases the urine volume which washes away the residual minerals in the urinary system.

Do You Want Loss Weight? Drink More Water

losing-of-weightIt is has been found that drinking water increases the rate of metabolism directly. In one study, a person who has drunk a half liter of water had 24% increase in metabolism for 1.5 hours. The result of this study was that if someone is drinking two liters of water every day his total energy expenditure per day will increase by 90-95 calories.

Another tip for reducing the weight is to drink a glass of water just 30 minutes before every meal. This will reduce the hunger feeling and will make you feel a bit full, so you will eat less food and calories than usual. Further, the water that you drink should be cold – not too much – because the body has to invest energy in bringing the water to body temperature, resulting in the burning of calories.

Lubrication of the Joints

joint-cartilageCartilages are the connective tissues and are found in many parts of our bodies. They are very soft and are also found in the joints of the body and spinal disks. They are composed of 80% water and requires the proper level of water to function normally.

Due to long term dehydration caused by less drinking of water, cartilages get affected. They lose their shock absorbing capability that saves the joints from injury while jumping, which results in the pain of joints. Drinking more water hydrates the cartilages and keep them healthy and reduces the joint pain.

Regulates the Body Temperature

thermometersOur skin has sweat glands in the middle of the skin which secretes water (sweat) when the temperature of our bodies raise from a normal level. This secreted water when evaporates takes away heat with it and cools our body. The sweat is mostly secreted when the temperature is hot or when someone is playing sports to keep the body cool.

Drinking less water to decrease the production of sweat in the skin which doesn’t help much when our body temperature rises. As a result, increasing body temperature cause headache, fatigue, and even heat stroke. On the other hand, drinking more water helps in fighting against heat and regulates our body temperature.

Formation of Mucus and Saliva

When we eat food it gets mixed with saliva in our mouth which helps us to swallow the food and also helps in digestion of the food. The mucus – a slimy substance – on the other hand, protects our epithelial cells found in the visual, respiratory, and other systems against infectious microbes.

The water is key element is the formation of saliva and mucus because they are mostly water. Insufficient water in our body restricts the production of these two substances. But drinking more water increases the production of these substances which helps our body.

More Water Helps in Reducing Hangovers

alcohol-hangoverHangovers are the unpleasant signs of drinking more alcohol. These signs include nausea, fatigue, headache, and sometimes sensitivity to light. The best way to prevent the hangovers is not to drink the alcohol or drink it in very small quantity. But since it is difficult for most of the people to control their habit of drinking alcohol, they should drink more water regularly. Because dehydration of the body also takes part in hangovers, so hydrating the body helps in reducing the hangovers.

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