10 Benefits of Waking Up Early in the Morning

alarm-clockDo you want to change your life? Look no further than starting with a habit of waking up early in the morning. If you can control the sleep cycle, you can very well bring changes to every aspect of your life. Because waking-up early may look like an easy task but it can be difficult for most of the people. Waking-up early brings important benefits and opportunities regarding your health and career.


productivityWaking-up Early before dawn makes you more productive due to less or no distraction at all. You can read books, prepare for your exams, and even write blog posts. All the work you do in the morning enhances the quality of your work because you will do your work with a calm mind.

More Time For Exercise

exercising-manExercise must be an important routine in everybody’s schedule for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise warms up your body and makes it ready to start the day. Further, you will rarely feel tiredness during your work in the daytime.

Unfortunately, due lack of time people neglect the exercise and are not able to get the benefits. Waking up early in the morning will give you enough time to exercise before going to work.

Time For Breakfasting

breakfastOne of the most important meals of a day is breakfast – even important than lunch. It helps in maintaining the sugar level and provides the necessary energy to start the day. But due work burden and getting up late in the morning people often miss breakfast, and they rely on unhealthy fattier fast food and sweets. If you wake up early in the morning you will have enough for cooking and taking a healthy breakfast.

Peace Of Mind Due To Silence

sunrisingWaking up before the dawn make your brain calm and give you the joy of peace because at this time everyone is sleeping so your brain gets time to optimize itself. In cities, most of the people wake-up late in the morning until unpleasant sounds of vehicles and horns arise which disturb the freshness of sleep and peace of mind.

More Time To Complete Your Work

writing-manHave you ever thought of completing your work early in the morning time instead of late at night? Many people usually get bombarded with tasks that go beyond 9 AM to 5 PM schedule. Then, they work late at night in their home that disturbs their sleep. Instead of late night work, if you wake up early you will have plenty of time to complete your work without disturbing your sleep.

Increased Energy

morning-energyOne study suggests that, people who wake-up early have better sleep and are more relaxed than night owls. Better sleep results into increased energy because during a good sleep following things happens which increase our morning energy.

  • Breathing slows down
  • Muscles get relaxed
  • Body temperature and blood pressure drops
  • Blood supply towards muscles and other parts of the body increase

All these things help to repair the body tissues, bones, and other correction in the cells. So next morning you wake-up with increased energy to start your day.

Easy Commute Due To Less Traffic

morning-trafficMany people leave for the work when there is very little time left. So in hurry, they miss their breakfast and exercise and go for the drive. When they hit the road, they get stuck in traffic jams and reach the office a few minutes late. Because everybody is in hurry during working hours and traffic usually gets jammed. Waking up early will give you time leave for the office early before heavy traffic and you will reach the office in time with peace.

Good Mental Health

brain-clipartOur body has a natural clock which manages different activities in our body. We humans are programmed to get towards sleep when blue light – in the sunlight – go away, and wake-up when sunlight again appear. This natural cycle of our body is very much disturbed when we sleep late at the night and also wake-up late in the morning. As a result, our brain is too much stressed and does not operate optimally which disturbs our mental health.

Getting early in the morning urges a person to sleep early in the night, which helps our body to maintains its natural clock. As a result, our mental health remains good and stress in very much reduced.

Increased Cognition Ability

reading-booksCognition is the ability of a person to understand through the senses, thoughts, and experiences. Better sleep improves the mental health and cognition ability of a person. So if you are preparing for exams try to sleep early and wake up early, it will increase your cognition and helps you understand and memorize your subject notes easily.

Advantage Of Planning While Your Competitors Are Sleeping

planning-handAre you surrounded by competitors and want to outrank them in the business, work, or blog? Waking up early will give you the advantage of more time and all the above-discussed benefits. While your competitors are sleeping, you can plan your daily schedule and start to work before they awake. This way you will be working more efficiently than your competitors and one day I hope you will outrank him. So hurry-up before your competitors apply early morning wake-up habit.

Good Luck with your early wake-up schedule and if you ask me what time is best for waking up, I will say for me it is 4:30 AM. Believe me, I am still working 8 hours a day with periodic breaks because I start early, and my competitors suffer from tiredness while I rest.

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